1. Establishing need

in order to establish the need for a product or service, the first step is to identify the need to be addressed by working through the following steps and questions. 
  1. From your point of view: What is the problem or need? Use Exercise 1 to clearly state the problem or need.
    Use the "Exercise book" - see link under Community Entrepreneurs.
  2. Learning from history: State why the problem or need has not been addressed. Use Exercise 2 to write the 8 most important reasons. 
  3. From the customers point of view: Use Exercise 3 to document the 10 questions you would ask a customer about the problem or need (e.g., do you consider this a need or problem? How do you fulfill the need now? Who do you work with to solve this need or problem? How much does it cost? How do you see this problem being solved two years from now? etc.)
  4. Collect information: Go ask 5 potential customers your 10 questions. Use Exercise 4 to capture the responses.